Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is an alternative to litigation in which the parties retain control of their agreed solution.

Mediation of disputes in the IT arena often benefits from extensive IT expertise.

Business Process & Systems Architecture

 We can help you analyze and improve your business processes through re-engineering and continuous improvement frameworks.

Poseybility's accomplishments include the design and implementation of highly available, single instance global business systems. We're ready to help you with application, infrastructure, middleware requirements.

IT Mediation

Poseybility's breadth of IT experience combined with its mediation certification and expertise uniquely position us to mediate your conflict as an alternative to litigation.

Global & Local ERP Delivery

Poseybility's strength is delivery - we stay focused on the way around the obstacles rather than the obstacles themselves.

Our global network of IT professionals are proven to deliver results.

Project and Portfolio Management

Poseybility can help you define governance and project management structures for use within your IT organization.

We work with you to define a model that meets your IT service delivery needs at an acceptable cost.



Data Security

Poseybility is ready to work with you through structured RFP processes to identify, negotiate, and implement internal and outsourced soltuions.

We are experienced with compliance for FIPS and NIST regulation and NARA data classification